Wayside Valley Belted Galloway Cattle

Herd Sires

Wayside Valley Belted Galloway Bulls

At Wayside Valley, our top females are a combination of three herd sires that we have used over the past decade. The bulls have never been shown and the only photos available are candid, pasture shots.

ISF Champion 15708D

ISF Champion 15708D was our first purchase in 1997. Deep bodied and heavily muscled bull he added invaluable females to the herd.

Belted Galloway - Champ


Thistle Creek Jack Straw 7323B

Belted Galloway Society Inc., Platinum Lifetime Award Winner, Thistle Creek Jack Straw 7323B joined the herd in 2002 .  He is traditionally styled with great conformation. He is a heavy structured, sound bull that is square at the ground. Many heifers have been produced by Jack and sold throughout the years. They exhibit a unique combination of structure, body and look.

Belted Galloway - Jack Straw

Eastview Elmo 5251

Belted Galloway Society Inc., Gold Lifetime Award Winner, East View Elmo 5251, was purchased in late 1998. He was a gentle giant, who was an easy fleshing, thick made bull, whose female progeny are feminine featured and big bodied.

Belted Galloway - Elmo


MCF Supreme 415W

Power and performance, with balance and functionality, are what makes MCF Supreme 415W a valuable resource to Wayside Valley’s breeding program. His first calf crop took us by surprise. Game On!

Belted Galloway - Supreme

Show Points

The Belted Galloway Society Inc., through a point system, recognizes animals that have produced progeny that have been shown throughout the United States. Below are the Wayside Valley animals that have achieved Platinum, Gold and Silver Lifetime Awards.


Platinum Males

Thistle Creek Jack Straw 7323B


Gold Males

East View Elmo 5251

Oreo Acre’s Bo-don-flintlock (AI) 8115B

Wayside Valley Colt 45 8919B

Thistle Creek Jack Stra 7323B

Gold Females

Wayside Valley Blue Moon 15678D

Wayside Valley Emerald 17492B

Silver Females

Oreo Acre’s Moesha 12836B

Wayside Valley Pepper Ann 20644B

Wayside Valley Elizabeth 20284B

Wayside Valley Emerald 17492B

Wayside Surprise Party 27512B

Wayside Valley Surprise A9026B,M1