Wayside Valley Belted Galloway Cattle
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  • Wayside Valley Belted Galloway Herd
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Belted Galloway Cattle at Wayside Valley Farm

Welcome to Wayside Valley Farm located in the Mackinaw River Valley between Congerville and Goodfield, Illinois. Our farm is home to a heritage breed of cattle known as the Belted Galloway.  Our goal is to breed high performing Belted Galloway cattle that are powerful from the ground up, have tremendous rib shape and dimension, and maintain function and style to work in the pasture and succeed in the showring! Visitors are always welcome!

Belted Galloways

Belted Galloway Cattle at Wayside Valley Farm

We have spent the past decade improving the herd through careful selection of herd sires that enhance structure and muscling. We have enjoyed successful show seasons and have made many sales of our Belted Galloway breeding stock throughout the United States.


Wayside Valley Farm

Through the years, the Fogle’s have made conservation improvements, by adding terraces and drainage systems to improve profitability of the tillable land. Ponds were added to reduce soil erosion and catch field run-off. Today the farm raises corn, soybeans, hay, and Belted Galloway cattle.


Kids With Cows

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